China OEM OEM Standard Single Structure Universal Joint for Automotive Tractor

Product Description

Product Description

We can supply under universal Joint optional:

Catalogue of Universal Joint for American Vehicles
SPICER Part Number PRECISION Part Number D O L Quantity Per Carton(PCS)
5-2X 340 23.8   61.3 100
5-2X 344 27   74.6 40
5-4X 344 27   74.6 40
5-6X 369 27   81.75 40
5-7X 331 30.188   92.075 40
5-10X 330 30.188   106.35 40
5-14X 341 23.82   61.3 100
5-30X 332 39.69   115.95 10
5-74X 356 27 52.6   40
5-101X 340 23.8   61.3 100
5-102X 344 27   74.6 40
5-103X 338 23.8 35   100
5-106X 330 30.188   106.35 40
5-111X 341 23.82   61.3 100
5-115X 332 39.69   115.95 10
5-118X 351 34.92   106.3 20
5-121X 329 27   81.75 40
5-124X 335 59   167.5 6
5-130X 354 27   92 40
5-153X 369 27   81.75 40
5-155X 358 34.93   126.21 20
5-160X 330 30.188   106.35 40
5-170X 338 23.8 35   100
5-174X 365 26.99 52.57   40
5-177X 334 49.2   154.7 10
5-178X 331 30.18   92 40
5-188X 351 34.92   106.3 20
5-200X 329/360 27   81.75 40
5-213X 354 26.99   92.08 40
5-220X   34.93   126.21 20
5-251X   27   81.76 40
5-252X 360 27   81.75 40
5-260X 365 26.99 52.57   40
5-263X 351 34.92   106.3 20
5-273X   27 62.09   40
5-275X 358 34.93   126.21 20
5-278X 379 27   81.75 40
5-279X 333 47.6   134.9 10
5-280X 334 49.2   154.7 10
5-281X 381 49.2   191.9 6
5-297X 371 30.18 52   40
5-303X 470 34.92/42.8   126/140.4 10
5-310X 380 27   81.76 40
5-315X 373 27   81.76 40
5-330X   41.2/49.2   142/140.4 10
5-353X 319 27/27.4 50.98 81.76 40
5-354X 447 27   92 40
5-407X 376 49.21   177.8 6
5-438X 475 47.62   135 10
5-443X 437/373 26.99   61.95 40
5-469X 477 49.2   179.98/177.98 6
5-470X 376 49.2   178 6
5-510X 478 49.2   191.69/194 6
5-515X 476 49.2   157.1/157.1 6
5-521X 433 27 62.09   40
5-674X 475 47.62   135 10
5-675X 476 49.2   154.7/157.1 6
5-676X 478 49.2   191.69/194 6
5-677X 477 49.2   179.98/177.98 6
5-810X 478 49.2   191.69/194 6
5-1203X 433 26.99 62.09 92.08 40
5-1500X 392/395 20.01 35 57 100
5-1501X 391 25 40   100
5-1503X 398 25   63.8 100
5-1504X 397 25.02 41   100
5-1505X 393 27   92 40
5-1506X 463 38 57 100 20
5-1508X 390 26 53.6   40
5-1509X 396 28.5   77.7 40
5-1510X 387 29 49   40
5-1511X 389 32 61 91.6 40
5-1515X 383 29 50   40
5-1516X 399 25   76.5 50
5-3147X 534G 28.5 60.1   40
5-4143X 969 36.5   108 10
5-5177X 968 42.8   115 10
5-6106X 905 42.8   140.4 10
5-7000X 570 49.2   148.38 10
5-7105X 927 49.2   148.38 10
5-8105X 928 49.2   209.6 5
5-8500X 785/963 71.4   165 6
5-8516X 963 71.4   165 6
5-9001X 911 71.4   209.6 5
5-9016X 911 71.4   209.6 5
5-12062X   48.05   161 5
5-12100X   45   120.4 10
5-12213X   38 57 100 20
5-12219X   48.05   125.8 10
5-12924X   52   133 10
5-12932X   57   152 10
5-13400X 341 23.82   61.29 100


Our Advantages

Production Capacity: With annual output of 500,000 universal joint,there is a professional production team to deal emergency production task.

Management System: Developping active management,and constantly deepen the quality and innovation management with system,standardization and institutionalization,promoting our staff with full enthusiasm,sincere attitude and unremitting efforts to improve product quality and management stanards.All of universal joint is made as oem no.

Research and development ability: For new technologies,new materials research and pplication,pingchai set up R & D center,a group with highly qualified engineers and technicians who are in charge of product development and continue to the same time with OE customers and tertiary institutions continue to dialogue and interchange of ideas.

Quality Control:
As a manufacture of quality,we adhere to the first time to do a good job that runs through every aspect of work.Customer salisfaction is our goal,it needs the entire team to complete,our staff to achieve this goal with unremiting efforts.

Company Profile

ZheJiang CHINAMFG Inc is located in the beautiful scenery of ZheJiang mountain city in China, we can supply a wide range of auto parts and machine and equipment, we have our own crankshaft processing plant, is a combination of industry and trade enterprises.

Auto parts included CHINAMFG wheel and pinion, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, axleshaft, cylinder liner, piston ring, clutch disc assy, V-belt, tooth belt, hydraulic brake cylinder cups, rotary shaft lip seals,Sealed beam, halogen bulb, cleaner, startor etc.

Besides auto parts, we engage in the export of equipment, machine tool, packing machine,Hardware, tools and filling machine, labeling machine, etc. It exports to almost 100 countries and regions of the world including USA, European, Southeast Asia, Russia, Hong Kong etc.

We are ready to render cordially our services to friends of industry and commerce, trade, science and technology, finance and friends of other circles throughout the world, and to become your reliable cooperative partner.



After Sales Service

Our Payment terms

1) T/T:30% deposit by T/T,70% balance by T/T before shipment.
2) L/C at sight; 
Packing details 

In carton or various way of packing are choosable, according to different requirement;

Shipment terms

After receive deposit it can be finished within 30 days.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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After-sales Service: 12 Months
Warranty: 12 Months
Condition: New
Color: Natural Color, Silver
Certification: ISO, SGS
Structure: Single


Customized Request

universal joint

Can universal joints be used in marine and offshore applications?

Yes, universal joints can be used in marine and offshore applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Marine and offshore environments present unique challenges in terms of harsh operating conditions, exposure to saltwater, vibrations, and high torque requirements. Universal joints offer several advantages that make them suitable for use in these demanding applications.

1. Misalignment Compensation: Marine and offshore systems often require the transmission of rotary motion between misaligned shafts due to the dynamic nature of the environment. Universal joints excel at compensating for angular misalignment, allowing for smooth power transmission even when the shafts are not perfectly aligned.

2. Torque Transmission: Universal joints are capable of handling high torque loads, which is crucial in marine and offshore applications. They can efficiently transfer power between the main engine or motor and various equipment, such as propellers, winches, pumps, or generators.

3. Compact Design: Space is often limited in marine and offshore systems, and universal joints offer a compact design compared to alternative methods of transmitting motion between misaligned shafts, such as gearboxes or flexible couplings. This compactness allows for more efficient use of available space.

4. Corrosion Resistance: Marine and offshore environments are highly corrosive due to the presence of saltwater and other corrosive agents. Universal joints can be designed and manufactured using materials that exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel or non-corroding alloys, to ensure long-term performance and reliability in these environments.

5. Sealing and Lubrication: Proper sealing and lubrication are critical in marine and offshore applications to protect the universal joint’s internal components from water ingress and corrosion. Specialized sealing mechanisms, such as lip seals or labyrinth seals, can be implemented to prevent water intrusion, while effective lubrication systems ensure smooth operation and reduce wear.

6. Shock and Vibration Resistance: Marine and offshore equipment are subjected to significant shock and vibration loads due to wave motion, vessel movement, or equipment operation. Universal joints are designed to withstand these dynamic forces and provide reliable power transmission in such conditions. The use of high-quality bearings, robust construction, and proper balancing contribute to their resilience against shock and vibration.

7. Customization: Universal joints can be customized to suit specific marine and offshore applications. Manufacturers can tailor the design and materials to meet unique requirements, such as high-speed operation, extreme temperature variations, or specific size constraints. Customization ensures that the universal joints are optimized for their intended use, maximizing their performance and reliability.

When utilizing universal joints in marine and offshore applications, it is crucial to consider factors such as load requirements, environmental conditions, maintenance procedures, and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. Regular inspection, maintenance, and proper lubrication are necessary to ensure the longevity and reliable operation of universal joints in these challenging environments.

In summary, universal joints can be effectively used in marine and offshore applications due to their ability to compensate for misalignment, handle high torque loads, compact design, corrosion resistance, sealing and lubrication capabilities, shock and vibration resistance, and customization options. The selection and design of universal joints should consider the specific requirements and challenges associated with marine and offshore environments to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

universal joint

Can universal joints be used in agricultural equipment?

Yes, universal joints can be used in agricultural equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Universal joints are commonly employed in various types of agricultural equipment and machinery. They offer several advantages that make them suitable for agricultural applications. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Torque Transmission: Agricultural equipment often requires the transmission of high torque levels to perform tasks such as plowing, tilling, harvesting, or powering other implements. Universal joints are capable of transmitting significant amounts of torque, making them suitable for handling the power requirements of agricultural machinery.
  • Flexibility: Agricultural equipment frequently operates in uneven terrain or encounters obstacles that can cause angular misalignment between the driving and driven components. Universal joints can accommodate such misalignment and transmit torque even when the shafts are not perfectly aligned. This flexibility allows agricultural machinery to navigate uneven surfaces and maintain power transfer.
  • Durability: Universal joints can be constructed from materials that provide high strength and durability, such as alloy steels. Agricultural equipment often operates in demanding conditions, including exposure to dust, moisture, and vibrations. Robust universal joints can withstand these harsh environments and repetitive motions, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Universal joints offer a cost-effective solution for torque transmission in agricultural equipment. Compared to alternative power transmission methods, such as complex gear systems or hydraulic drives, universal joints can provide a more economical option while still delivering adequate performance and reliability.
  • Wide Application Range: Universal joints can be used in various agricultural equipment, including tractors, combine harvesters, balers, seeders, sprayers, and more. They are versatile components that can be integrated into different systems and configurations, allowing for efficient power transmission in a wide range of agricultural applications.

It’s important to note that the specific design and selection of universal joints for agricultural equipment should consider factors such as the torque requirements, operating conditions, maintenance practices, and safety considerations. Proper sizing, lubrication, and regular inspections are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and preventing premature wear or failure.

In summary, universal joints can indeed be used in agricultural equipment. Their torque transmission capabilities, flexibility, durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility make them a suitable choice for power transmission in various agricultural machinery and equipment.

universal joint

How do you install a universal joint?

Installing a universal joint correctly is essential to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. Here are the general steps to guide you in the installation process:

  1. Prepare the universal joint: Before installation, inspect the universal joint for any damage or defects. Ensure that all the components, such as yokes, bearings, and cross, are in good condition. Clean the components if necessary and apply a suitable lubricant to ensure smooth operation.
  2. Align the shafts: Position the shafts that need to be connected by the universal joint. Align the shafts as closely as possible, ensuring that they are parallel and collinear. If precise alignment is challenging, universal joints can compensate for slight misalignments, but it is still preferable to have the shafts as aligned as possible.
  3. Insert the cross: Insert the cross-shaped center piece of the universal joint into one of the yokes. Ensure that the cross is aligned properly with the yoke and that the bearings are securely seated in the yoke bores.
  4. Attach the second yoke: Slide the second yoke onto the cross, aligning it with the opposite ends of the cross arms. Make sure the yoke is oriented in the correct phase with the first yoke, typically 90 degrees out of phase, allowing for angular displacement.
  5. Secure the yokes: Use the appropriate fastening method to secure the yokes to the shafts. This can include methods such as set screws, clamps, or retaining rings. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and torque specifications for the specific type of universal joint being installed.
  6. Check for smooth operation: After securing the yokes, rotate the connected shafts by hand to check for smooth operation and proper articulation. Ensure that the universal joint moves freely without binding or excessive play. If any issues are detected, double-check the alignment, lubrication, and fastening of the universal joint.
  7. Test under load: If applicable, test the universal joint under the expected load conditions of your application. Monitor its performance and check for any abnormal vibrations, noises, or excessive heat. If any issues arise, re-evaluate the installation and make necessary adjustments or consult with an expert.
  8. Maintenance and lubrication: Regularly inspect and maintain the universal joint as part of your overall system maintenance. Ensure that the joint remains properly lubricated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lubrication helps reduce friction, wear, and heat generation, extending the life of the universal joint.

It’s important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the specific type and design of the universal joint, as well as the application requirements. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the particular universal joint you are installing, as they may provide specific procedures and considerations.

China OEM OEM Standard Single Structure Universal Joint for Automotive Tractor  China OEM OEM Standard Single Structure Universal Joint for Automotive Tractor
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